A mission of the Orchard is to be a comprehensive genetic library of named cultivars of Asimina triloba, our North American Pawpaw.  Below are the varieties that are planted at the Orchard, and those that are in our grafting cycle to be planted when they are sufficiently robust.

Growers possessing cultivars that are not shown here are encouraged to reach out to AFFN with germplasm/scions. 

It benefits us all to have a geographically isolated, fallback site, to obtain replacement germplasm for plants that perish.  This is especially important in view of climate fluctuations of all sorts – wind, rain, heat and cold – that we are all experiencing in greater measure everywhere.  Our Orchard is fortunate to be near the geographic center of the native distribution of many of our native plants, and also, we are quite near the Appalachian Mountain range, which has thus far been a climate moderating influence for the Orchard.  May it continue to be so!

The list of approximately 60 cultivars was last updated 7/20/2023.  Please reach out to us, if you have corrections to offer on cultivar names, or redundancies of which you are aware among the cultivars.  Clarifying confusion in names, which has arisen through the years, is also a goal of AFFN.

275-48   275-56 (Benny’s Favorite)
Allegheny (Petersen)   400-27N
IXL   Al Horn
Jerry’s Big Girl   Al Horn White Flesh
Jerry’s Delight (250-30) x Jerry’s Big Girl (250-39)   Cawood
KSU Atwood   Central
KSU Benson   Danae’s Creekside
KSU Chappell   Davis
Mango   Dr. Chill
Maria’s Joy   Garage West
NC-1   Green River Belle
Nyomi’s Delicious   Halvin
Potomac (Petersen)   Halvin’s Sidewinder
Prima 1216   Jack Irvine #1
Quaker Delight   Kentucky Champion
Rebecca’s Gold   Lynn’s Favorite
SAA Overleese   Mango x Wabash
Shenandoah (Petersen)   Overleese
Summer Delight   PA Golden #1
Sunflower   PA Golden #2
Susquehanna (Petersen   PA Golden #3
Tallahatchie (Petersen)   PA Golden #4
Taytoo   RLG4
Wabash   Sue
Wells   Sunsprout
    Sweet Alice
    Tropical Treat