Welcome Students!!  Welcome Volunteers!!

Check out some scenes from our 2023 Volunteer Days – a huge success, and a huge help to the Orchard!!

There is so much that you can do here! 

  • Web site expansion and maintenance
  • Developing recipes for the fruits
  • Developing flavor profiles of the fruits to help explain them to newcomers
  • Crossing promising cultivars to develop new ones
  • Pruning, mowing, weeding, clearing underbrush, fixing fences
  • Splicing and propagating to get plants out into the public
  • Investigating the history of the fruits and nuts, writing about it and adding text and photos to our web pages
  • Blog monitoring
  • Seeking out samples of seeds and cuttings from the wild and from old homesteads

Our Board members would be happy to work with your professors and teachers to help you find topics to write about and projects you can undertake for grades and credit.

The Orchard will be better when it is the sum of all of our efforts!