Our Board is comprised to support the missions of promoting our organization, of education and land conservation and being a sustainable non-profit enterprise.

Kenneth Chance:  President, Program Manager – Site Development

Ken has a successful background in engineering, business development, start-ups and marketing.  Known for enthusiasm, vision and patience he established Appalachian Foothills Fruits and Nuts with its charter in science and education.  His involvement with nature goes back to his childhood camping trips and time in Boy Scouts, and more recently his support of organizations such as the Audubon Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Land Conservancy, Natural Resources Defense Council and Clean Water Action.   Ken currently serves as Board Chair.


Maureen GoncalvesEducation and Land

Maureen is a local realtor with two decades living in the region.  She is also a former Montessori school teacher.  Her role on the Board is to be a voice for education and also to point out reasonable parcels for expanding the orchard into new zones and micro-climates.


Skye Eliza White:  Non-profit Sustainability and Health Vision

Skye is a practitioner of holistic healing and is involved in non-profits in Tennessee in the Nashville area.  Her role with Appalachian Foothills Fruits and Nuts is to advise concerning non-profit sustainability and to keep the organization focused on native and heritage plants including those promoting nutrition and health.